When Fools Rush In…

My friend thinks Everything is impossible. So he has never bothered dealing with Everything. There’s no point having a shot at something you know is impossible right?

Foolish as I was, I went ahead with it anyway. I had a naive belief that Everything was possible. That if I really gave it my best shot, I could somehow get through to Everything.

It took me 20 long years to finally come to the realisation that Everything is indeed impossible. I tried every strategy I could think of, but none seemed to work with Everything. I was so wrong. And my friend was so right. I realised just how silly I was. I had wasted so much time and effort on Everything.

Why didn’t I just listen to my friend?? He is clearly the smarter one after all.

But wait… I think I should at least credit myself for one thing:

Thanks to the 20 long years I had apparently wasted on Everything, I now know how to deal with Anything. And I think that’s a pretty big deal.

What happened back then? I was busy leveling up. I thought that if I were to have even the slightest chance of getting through to Everything, then I had better be at a supremely high level. I was busy giving it my all, my best shot. I was training hard. I was leveling up. Little did I know that the levels I’ve gained in the process were actually God’s way of preparing me to deal with something else. Something that could potentially be of a very high complexity, yet isn’t impossible like Everything is.

He was preparing me to deal with… Anything.

Yes, my level is now high enough to deal with Anything. My level is bloody high. So high that one of my Cure spell is enough to recover the damage inflicted on me by 10 of your Megaflares. You should be scared, my friend.

Because while you may be smarter than me, it is I who is in a more ready position to take on the damn world.

I know that Everything is impossible. You were right. But you don’t necessarily have to get through to Everything. Life isn’t about that. Life is about growth. If you are not growing, you are as good as a dead man.

Here’s the thing – In order for growth to happen, you’ve got to at least deal with Something.

What were you doing in those 20 years while I was training??

Did you level up at all?

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