Nature Has Everywhere Written Her Protest Against Idleness

Taken from John Maxwell’s book The 15 Invaluable Laws Of Growth:

“Nature has everywhere written her protest against idleness;
everything which ceases to struggle, which remains inactive, rapidly deteriorates.”
~ James Terry White

It is a bit like God saying, “If you’re not putting your talents and gifts to good use, why should you be allowed to keep them?”

The same with your body, the same with your brain. This is why I workout, this is why I read, and this is why I do music. Anything important to my life, I do regularly. Even when it comes to investing in my most important relationships.

There is no such thing as being stagnant. Either you gain momentum, or you lose momentum (and deteriorate).

I suggest you gain momentum.

And while you’re at it, remember this:

“It is the struggle toward an ideal, the constant effort to get higher and further,
which develops manhood and character.
~ James Terry White

Level up~

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