Are you interested in taking private music/piano lessons with me? I teach students both in person (I live in Singapore) and via Skype. Please provide the following information before contacting me:

1) Your name, age, and location. For international students enquiring for Skype lessons, let me know where you’re from, and also the time difference between Singapore (UTC+08:00) and where you are currently residing.

2) What are you looking to get out of lessons, and why? To become a ‘better pianist’ is not a satisfactory answer. I do not know what a ‘better pianist’ means for you. For me to successfully guide you to your desired goals (and perhaps beyond), I’ll need you to be more specific here.

Reading music? Mastering rhythm? Music theory and analysis (understanding music)? Music interpretation (making your music sound amazing)? Acquiring good technique? Efficient practice / practice techniques? Arranging music? Composition? Improvisation? A combination of these? There could be more.

Or you could simply be looking to keep your mind engaged through music lessons. That is fine too.

3) Describe your musical background. How long have you been playing? Can you read music? At what level is your knowledge of music theory? Have you taken any music exams? Do you have any ensemble or performance experience? What other musical instruments do you play, and for how long have you been playing? Any other experience with music?

Provide me with any other necessary information you think I should know to better serve you.

4) What kind of music are you drawn to? Any favourite composers?

5) Why do you love music? Allow me to get to know you better. :)

6) How did you hear about me and my lessons? Through YouTube? :D

When you’re ready, send an email with your answers to the six questions (in that order) via the contact form below and I’ll get back to you shortly. You can include any questions you might have for me as well.

For in-person lessons, type in [Lessons with Jer] in the Subject field.
For Skype lessons, type in [Skype Lessons with Jer] instead.

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