I Have Declared War

I am an artist of life. This means that the kind of life I’m designing is deliberate. It is not left to chance, and no one is responsible for it but myself.

Being an artist of life is not necessarily just about a lifestyle, or the doing-work-you-love cliche. To me, it is also about consistently living my life in accordance to what my values are. It is about cultivating good character and becoming a man of integrity.

It is about living my best self. 

Designing such a life is tough no doubt. But I do want it so fucking badly. If the story of my life could be turned into a book (perhaps even a movie), it had better be damn epic. I want to read this book at the end of my life and be so damn proud of it. In turn, I would want this book to go on inspiring many others.

I want this badly. 

You could say I’m a legacist. But what I’m actually driving at is that apart from being an artist of life, I’m also a warrior. 

You see, designing such a masterpiece of my life is going to be a daily struggle. Actually, no. This is more like a war. A war to the death.

And so, I’m a warrior who has declared war.

Believe me, I’m terrified of war. But I fight anyway. Because that’s what pros do. They act in the face of fear. They understand that there is no such thing as a fearless warrior.

Now hold on a second there…

Who the hell are you fighting anyway?

By striving to live my best self, I need to do more than just the bare minimum required to survive. I want to thrive.

But you see, there is this bitch who doesn’t really care at all about what I want. All he really cares about is ensuring my survival. Safety and comfort is his priority. He is not in the least interested in what my dreams and values are. For that very reason, he is my enemy. This is the bitch I’m battling every single day.

I’m not trying to survive here. I’m trying to be great. 

The bitch was just trying to talk me out of writing this very article a while ago.

“I know you said you’d like to publish 4 articles this month ideally. But you said you were fine with 3 as well, remember? C’mon now. Relax…”

Shut up, you jackass.

Here’s one very important thing I’ve learnt through years of experience battling with the bitch.

Whenever I lose, he levels up and gets stronger. This means it’s harder for me to win the next battle. 

And that is what scares the shit out of me. Lose too much and there will come a point where I just can’t win any more. I may develop a strong willpower to fight, but my level will simply be too low to beat the bitch. I’ll be too weak. And as a result, I’ll become a slave to this bitch. That’s the ultimate end goal for him. If I get to the end of my life and realise that I didn’t make much out of the one precious life I have, that’s when I know I’ve lost the game of life.

“The safest road to hell is the gradual one – the gentle slope, soft underfoot, without sudden turnings, without milestones, without signposts.”
— C.S. Lewis

The cool part is that the same thing happens the other way round. Whenever I win, I level up and become stronger. It becomes easier to beat the bitch in the next battle.

You see, this isn’t just about winning or losing. It’s about momentum. You gain momentum through winning battles. Gain lots of momentum early in life, and you will soon become unstoppable. You want to lose as few battles as possible, because that would be negative momentum.

I have declared war on this bitch. I am committed to fighting this jackass every single day. And I will fight fiercely. I want that book to be epic.

“There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.”
— Nelson Mandela 

I’m writing this article on the last day of March. It’s about noon right now. I’m going to publish it in less than an hour.

I won, bitch.

Level up baby.

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