I Am The Master Of My Fate, I Am The Captain Of My Soul

What if… You were walking along the pavement when out of nowhere, a random dude jumps out of the bushes and splashes acid on your face…

Your face is now hideous looking. And your girlfriend of 5 years decides that your face is too fugly to bear looking at for the rest of her life. She leaves you. You also lose your precious modelling job.

What do you do now?? Do you blame fate?

Of course, it’s oh so easy for me to tell you to simply accept full responsibility for whatever happens to you and to not blame your luck. It’s very easy for me to tell you that you always have a choice for how you’d like to move on. That you can give yourself some time to feel the pain, but that you’ll also have to somehow find it in yourself to get back up on your feet eventually.

And yet whenever you step outside of the house, you are given all sorts of faces and stares from strangers. Confirmation that your face is indeed ruined… It’s as if they are rubbing your own misery in your face.

It’s so easy for me to say shit, right? After all, I did not go through the same tragedy and pain as you did. What do I know? Who the hell am I to say shit??

And so, you choose to rot at home for the rest of your life. You decide that your life is now utterly ruined. Ruined beyond repair.


I’ll tell you why.

Because it’s the easier thing to do. It’s much harder to take responsibility, and easier to blame luck. It’s much harder to rebuild your life, and easier to just concede to being a lost cause.

“Well, Jeremy, wait till the same tragedy happens to you. Or wait till you lose all your fingers and you’re never able to play the piano again. We’ll see if YOU can handle that!”

You know what, I just might not be able to. But who cares? It is you who are going through this ordeal, not me. And you know very well that the thing that is so easy for me to say is indeed the only way forward for you. Whether I can actually handle such a loss is irrelevant.

Deep down inside, you know this.

It’s tough, but I’ve seen you before. I think you can do it. Show the world who’s boss. Show the world that not even a disfigured face can stop you from conquering life. This may just be your lowest low, but it is also your chance to write an epic story. Please don’t stay down there forever. Choose to rise. Rise like the phoenix.

And when you finally get to the top of your mountain, remember what I had told you. If I ever lose my fingers somehow, also remember to tell me what I had told you. I’m sure the very same “easy” words I used are going to carry much more weight coming from you instead. You would be in a more powerful position to help me.

Remember how you’ve written your story…

Then use that epic story of yours to inspire.

“I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul.”
~ William Ernest Henley

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